Designs on Main is the perfect place to find great home décor items, wedding gifts, baby items, t-shirts, floral and personalization.

Home Décor


Various items displayed on this table can be paired with other items found throughout the store. Although items are great separate, they are even greater together!


We have a wide selection of different floral pieces that can be made into beautiful arrangements when asked!

Baby Items

baby room.JPG

Welcoming new little ones into the world is especially fun when you see our collection of baby items that include clothes, piggy banks, bibs/burp clothes and much more! Sizes range from Newborn-6.

Wedding Gifts

wedding room.JPG

Trying to snag that perfect wedding gift? Stop in and look at our unique collection of wedding gifts such as: initial marble and wood cutting boards, Mr. & Mrs. frames and Est. 2017 platters in order to get that perfect gift!



Ranging in sizes from XS-XXL, we carry many clothes that can be worn for a date night out or a movie night in. We also carry multiple designs in Simply Southern, Lily Grace and Fripp & Frolly t-shirts.




We also offer embroidery and vinyl personalization. There are items that can be purchased in store to be embroidered or you can bring in outside items to be completed. The options are endless with personalization!